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By Mike Haught, Peter Simunovich

From the Sangro River at the jap (Adriatic) coast, in the course of the Appenine Mountains to the Garrigliano River at the western (Tyrrhenian Sea) coast, the Gustav Line used to be a mixture of concrete bunkers set into rugged terrain. there has been no method to outflank the Gustav Line, and the main direct direction of assault used to be up course Six to Rome, through town of Cassino.

Yet Cassino used to be fortified, lay at the back of the Rapido River, and used to be in flip missed by way of Monte Cassino, topped through a citadel and monastery. As one US common stated of this a part of Italy, "behind each hill there is one other river, and at the back of each river, there is one other hill."

The destiny of Cassino is on your arms. Will it fall and open the line to Rome to the Allies, or will the Germans proceed to carry opposed to the onslaught?

Inside you are going to find:

  • The historical past of the bloody struggle for Cassino and the line to Rome.
  • History and strategies of the Moroccan Goums, the Nisei(Japanese-Americans), the 91st Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron, the 4th & eighth Indian department, and the 2d New Zealand department.
  • The choice to box a Goum or Nisei Rifle businesses, a Dismount Cavalry Squadron, and Indian or New Zealand rifle companies.
  • History and strategies of the 1. Fallschirmjager department, the forty four. Reichsgrenadierdivision Hoch und Deutschmeister, and the ninety. 'Sardinien' Panzergrenadierdivision.
  • The choice to box a fallschirmjagerkompanie, a Reichsgrenadierkompanie, and a Panzergrendierkompanie.
  • Introducing Infantry Aces, the new escalation crusade approach the place you'll struggle for victory and glory with the heroes of Cassino.
  • Inspirational colour photos.
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