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By Anna Riva

Candle burning is the most-used and most elementary of the mystical arts, and this publication is chock jam-packed with any form of candle burning spell it is easy to wish. From attracting love, success, funds or strength to fixing difficulties and studying secrets and techniques via desires, its all right here. This little quantity includes 409 rituals to make issues occur on your lifestyles. this can be a ninety five web page slender paperback publication.

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You stand in splendor at Thy chariot’s helm, mighty Goddess, And none may contest Thy power. Hail to Thee from the Abodes of Day, oh Goddess. To be said at midnight: Hail to Thee, Mani, beautiful in Thy rising, Who travels across the vault of heaven in Thy gleaming chariot At the midnight hour of the Sun. Hail to Thee, Heaven’s Sweetness, and to the swift steeds Who guide Thy chariot across the velvet expanse of night. You stand in splendor at the helm of Thy chariot And brighten the array of Nott.

You are the rough fingertip of bleached coral, The translucent belly of a jellyfish beneath Its deadly veil, a melting iceberg in the spring, Foam like the whitest head on my father’s beer. Perhaps these are not things you would Think of as compliments. But still, you smile Gently, and humor me. I scoop the whiteness Of your rays on the water with my hands, And watch them trickle away like milk Through my long, long fingers Into the receding tide. DAY STAR AND WHIRLING WHEEL 35 Full Moon Jubilee Snáw Lafor As part of my Rites to Mani on the Full Moon, I present my offerings to Him using a special God’s plate and goblet.

Prayer to Hoenir (Anoint head with oil. ) Brother of wind and fire I hail You. DAY STAR AND WHIRLING WHEEL 47 God of wisdom and silence, I honor You this night. Please help me to keep my mind and heart Always centered on my Gods. Please help me to keep my desires focused On what would please Them the most. Teach me to make every action, every word, every half-whispered hope A living, centering prayer to the Holy Ones. Hail, Hoenir, God of mystery. Prayer to Earendil (Anoint the heart with oil. ) Hail Earendil, bright lord of the sky.

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