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One Arrow for dragonslaying. 5. 250 gp worth of gold and royal jewelry. 40. A. 1287 (46) One lesser wight haunts this barrow. A. B. Entrance. The wood-and-steel door to this tomb requires a medium maneuver roll to pick the lock. Circular chamber. Fifteen feet in diameter, this room contains the body of Tarcil and his queen and two chests. Items upon Tarcil: 1. A + 15 magic longsword. 2. One + 10 chainmail and shield. 3. A + 15 magic long k n i f e . 4. One + 5 longbow. Hems in Chest One: 1. Three + 15 magic daggers.

Heart stimulant. Doubles speed for 1 rd. Slows poison. Purifies water. Major organ repair. Assures safe childbirth. Provides nutritional KELVENTARI Temperate meadows Cool lake shores Druggist/herbalists Druggist/herbalists Cool, high meadows Rolling hills The white tree ARKASU ARLAN ARLAN'S SLIPPER ARNUMINAS ARUNYA ATHELAS ATTANAR LATHA MAIANA MARGATH MIRETAR'S CROWN NELTHANDON NUMENELOS RUMARETH SILRAEN SINDOLUIN SURANIE TELDALION TULAXAR Rare import Sunny soils Fine, sunny soils Stream beds Deep forests Rich, cool soils Drink tea Drink tea balance.

Mannish warrior. Mannish warrior. Mannish warrior. Dunnish warrior. Dunnish scout. Mannish warrior. Mannish warrior. Mannish warrior. Mannish warrior. Mannish scout. Hobbit scout. CODES AND COMMENTS a) b) Shields equal to 20 or 25 of DB. An * means armor is magical or specially made. Note defensive bonuses include stats, and shield. g. "Y5" means "yes, a + 5 shield"). 3 for explanation of stat. adds, armor types, spells, and other bonuses. g. orcs untrained in missile combat) suffer a penalty of -25 when attacking.

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