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3. Control of Mucus Release by the Retzius Cells Lent (1973a, 1974) hypothesized that the Retzius cells might control the release of mucus from unicellular glands present under the leech skin since he could find no evidence that the Retzius cells are presynaptic to body wall muscle cells. He showed that mucus release is under neural control by severing the roots to body segments in otherwise intact leeches and found that the skin of only the denervated segments remained free of mucus. In addition, stimulation of the nerves to a segment enhanced the rate of mucus release from that segment relative to nearby, non-stimulated segments.

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Ehinger, B. & Falck, B. (1968). A method for differentiating dopamine from noradrenaline in tissue sections by microspectrofluorometry. J. Histochem. Cytochem. 16, 263-270. H. O. (1974) . Coexistence of several putative neurotransmitters in single identified neurons of Aplysia. Proc. Nat'l Acad. , USA 71, 4662-4665. H. & Costa, E. (1972). Gas chromatography-mass fragmentography: A new approach to the estimation of amines and amine turnover. Adv. Biochem. Psychopharm. 6, 37-59. E. (1972). Autoradiographic and chemical location of 5-hydroxytryptamine in identified neurons in the leech.

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