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By Reginald H. Garrett, Charles M. Grisham

Achieve the direction with BIOCHEMISTRY. The authors' leading edge conceptual and organizing "Essential Questions" framework courses you thru path thoughts in a manner that finds the sweetness and usability of biochemistry within the daily global. delivering a balanced and streamlined presentation, this variation has been up to date all through with new fabric and revised shows. This ebook is built-in with OWL, a robust on-line studying procedure for chemistry to help you enhance your grades and grasp direction innovations.

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6). Because the strength of covalent bonds is inversely proportional to the atomic weights of the atoms involved, H, C, N, and O form the strongest covalent bonds. Two other covalent bond-forming elements, phosphorus (as phosphate [ h OPO322] derivatives) and sulfur, also play important roles in biomolecules. Covalent e– pairing bond Bond energy (kJ/mol) H + H H H H H 436 C + H C H C H 414 C + C C C C C 343 C + N C N C N 292 C + O C O C O 351 C + C C C C C 615 C + N C N C N 615 C + O C O C O 686 O + O O O O O 142 O + O O O O O 402 N + N N N N 946 N + H N H N H 393 O + H O H O H 460 % O 5 What Kinds of Molecules Are Biomolecules?

Features of the YouBook include animated igures, the ActiveModels library, and highlighting and note tools for students. See the OWL description below for more details. Chapter 1 A new Critical Developments in Biochemistry feature on synthetic life: the chemical synthesis of a bacterial genome and its incorporation into host cells to create the irst organism with a fully synthetic genome. Chapter 4 An introduction to the Brainbow technique that enables labeling of many individual neurons simultaneously.

Molecules are lifeless. Yet, in appropriate complexity and number, molecules compose living things. These living systems are distinct from the inanimate world because they have certain extraordinary properties. They can grow, move, perform the incredible chemistry of metabolism, respond to stimuli from the environment, and most signiicantly, replicate themselves with exceptional idelity. The complex structure and behavior of living organisms veil the basic truth that their molecular constitution can be described and understood.

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