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By Corinne J Naden

Major ladies celebrates the impression that girls in management roles have made throughout cultures and many years.

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The military backed the Pakistan Muslim League (PML), which won 106 votes out of a possible 207. With the PPP no longer in power and her government dismissed, Benazir was no longer prime minister. She had been in office for two years. Nawaz Sharif, a disciple of General Zia, was the leader of the PML. He now became head of the country. As leader of the opposition, Benazir Bhutto was on the outside once more. L E A D I N G W O M E N 61 FIVE CHAPTER Prime Minister Twice 62 O N THE OUTSIDE LOOKING IN AGAIN— all of Benazir’s training from her father, all her education, and all hers years in prison or exile had netted her just two years in office.

Nor was her government able to repeal the oppressive Hudood and Zina ordinances that Zia had set up. In both instances, her party explained that Benazir faced extreme opposition from the parties out of power and from right-wing religious groups. 58 B E N A Z I R B H U T T O TESTING HER VOICE Bin Laden and Terrorism ON THE JOB Born in Saudi Arabia, Osama bin Laden is the acknowledged leader of the world’s most infamous terrorist organization, alQaeda. S. troops to be stationed in Saudi Arabia in 1991, he was expelled from the country due to his work against his government.

For instance, her government refused the army’s call for increased powers to govern the Sindh region. Army commanders conveyed their displeasure over that and other contested points to President Ghulam Ishaq Khan. He used Zia’s eighth amendment to dissolve parliament and call for an election. It was held in October. In her autobiography, Benazir said that the election was a fraud, and the military stacked the votes 60 B E N A Z I R B H U T T O TESTING HER VOICE Ordinances against Women The Hudood and Zina ordinances were instituted under Zia in O B seemed designed to limit freedoms for womE J laws T HThese O N1979.

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