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By E.A. Koetting

Consultant to appearing magick and experiencing Godlike Power... i will express you the precise steps and particular pathworking that can assist you be extra winning with ritual magick and your Ascent to Godhood - and also you don't desire certain genetics or fancy initiations to do it.

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It is sometimes useful to see this as a still image or a short clip of events. Don’t play through the hows and wherefores of the thing, but fastforward to the point when you actually have that which you desire. When all of your desire has been drained, turn your attention to the black candle. Allow the power within you to carry the force of this image into the world, your desire no longer trapped inside but instead is freed, unchained and unrestrained, willing to devastate all of existence to bring such into action immediately.

Once your breath has created its own pattern, and you find yourself hypnotized by the steady and consistent flow of it, allow your vision of the room in which you are seated to enter your mind. Rather than simply “imagining” your surroundings, allow yourself through your inner vision to actually “see” your surroundings, without the organs of your eyes. Often this will initially create a unique pressure on your Ajna chakra, in the center of your forehead, as this is the actual spiritual organ through which such nonphysical sight occurs.

The first manifestation external of the Source is what I referred to earlier in this text as the Formative Plane. While there are several degrees of this solidification, as well as an abyss, it is at the Formative Plane that the first grand division occurs. That which originally manifested as no manifestation at all, as absolute love, light, and power, finally solidifies to the degree of a visible effect, born in color and song and rushing downwards. Before this division, there was no motion, neither inwards nor outwards but the shining of the Source in all directions and in no direction.

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