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Battlestar Galactica position taking part in online game The Cylons have been created by means of guy. They rebelled. They developed. they usually have a plan. the second one Cylon battle used to be over inside an afternoon. The Cylons slaughtered billions of people at the worlds of the Twelve Colonies. man made lifestyles kinds developed by means of guy, the Cylons re-created themselve into a dead ringer for their creators. they appear and believe. thoroughly human. a few are even programmed to imagine they're human; sleeper brokers unwittlingly anticipating the set off to pursue the Cylon schedule, that is the destruction of the human race. Outgunned, outnumbered, human survivors don't have any selection yet to escape. The rag-tag fleet of civilian ships is being guided and guarded by means of the one last battleship from the whole colonial army, Battlestar Galactica. officials and enlisted women and men, politicians and mechanics, kids and fogeys needs to triumph over own demons and modifications on their determined look for a legendary new domestic referred to as Earth. The Battlestar Galactica function enjoying video game brings the motion and drama of the hit tv sequence to the sport desk. every thing you must begin enjoying is during this e-book, together with complete personality construction principles, information at the major characters from the express, and knowledge on spaceships, guns, and tech. the sport ideas are effortless to benefit, emphasizing tale, motion, and personality improvement. All you would like are cube, buddies, and your mind's eye! the sport makes use of the Cortex procedure principles created by way of Jamie Chambers.

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Whether it’s chasing a Cylon raider when it’s smarter to let it escape, or punching a superior officer in the face, Kara acts first and thinks later. Overconfident d6—A fine line divides knowing you’re good and thinking you’re invincible. Kara often jumps far off the deep end. So far, she’s been both skilled and lucky enough to swim back. Split-Second Timing d4—Starbuck is quicker than she has any right to be, which has saved her skin on more than a few occasions. Talented (Pilot/Viper, Pilot/Ship’s Cannons) d10—The Old Man once said that Starbuck is the best Viper pilot he had ever seen, and she is known for making even good pilots look sloppy and slow by comparison.

Role Playing Notes Gaius Baltar was already a legendary figure before the holocaust. A man of science popular with the people, he helped design critical defense systems to keep the Colonies safe. His research once again moved computer technology forward after years of stagnation. Men admired him and women loved him. Since the attack, his fame has only grown, especially after he was forthcoming about how the Cylons exploited his Command Navigation Program to cripple Colonial ships, after he worked tirelessly on a Cylon detection system, and after he began acting as scientific advisor to both the President and the military aboard the Battlestar Galactica.

Artistry Athletics Discipline Leadership Morale Interrogation Guns Heavy Weapons Knowledge Perception Pilot Viper Survival Unarmed Combat Brawling d4 d6 d6 d10 d8 d10 d6 d4 d6 d4 d6 d10 d4 d6 d8 Wound ]]] Attributes Role Playing Notes Stun ]]] As old and scarred as his ship, William Adama commands what may well be the last military vessel of the entire human race. His voice is soft and gravelly, but carries quiet authority that cuts through the noise and chaos of the most tense situation. The “Old Man” (as he is affectionately called by almost the entire crew) is serious and demanding, yet can offer both humor and patience when needed.

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