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By Igor R. Shafarevich, M. Reid

This ebook is a revised and elevated new version of the 1st 4 chapters of Shafarevich’s famous introductory booklet on algebraic geometry. along with correcting misprints and inaccuracies, the writer has further lots of new fabric, quite often concrete geometrical fabric corresponding to Grassmannian forms, aircraft cubic curves, the cubic floor, degenerations of quadrics and elliptic curves, the Bertini theorems, and basic floor singularities.

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Since hH1 does not belong to P, we obtain that not all of h+1,'" ,1m belong to P. This contradicts the definition of iH1' Thus, we obtain a sequence h 1, ... ,hm of polynomials verifying 1), 2) and 3). In order to show that (h1' ... ,h m) = (It, ... ,1m) it suffices to remark that, after a suitable reordering of the indices, the system of equations expressing the polynomials h's as K-linear combinations of the polynomials f's is upper triangular with 1's in the diagonal. Second Case: J ~ rad(It,··· ,1m).

The following Lemma will allow us to replace our original sequence h, ... ,1m with an other h l , ... t. J. g. [Bri, Tbeoreme 1], [CGH2, Proposition 3], [BrS, Lemma 0]. 4) Lemma. Assume that K is infinite and let h, ... ,1m define a complete intersection outside V(J). Then there exist polynomials h l , ... t. J 2) hl = h and lor all i, 2 $ i $ t, hj E (12, .. ). Moreover iTc ::f iTc' il k ::f k'. 4) If J 'l. rad(h, ... ,/0), then t = m and (hb ... , h m) = (h, ... ,1m). 5) II J ~ rad(h, ... 1m), then J ~ rad(h l , ...

Pn). (9) Si A 1, ... ,An - 1 sont des polynomes nuls ou homogenes de degres dn - di , Res(P1, ... , Pn- b Pn + n-1 L: Ai Pi ) = Res(P1, ... , Pn). i=l (JO) Si A est un corps, il existe une extension algebrique finie K de A, et des elements o)i) (i = 1, ... , d 1 ... dn - 1 ; j = 1, ... , n) de K tels que pour tout polynome Q homogene on ait: d1· .. d,,_1 Res(P1, ... ,Pn _ 1,Q)= II Q(o~i), ... ,o~»). i=l Si P 1, ... , Pn - 1 torment une suite reguliere, alors (o~i) : ... : o~») pour i de 1 d 1 ...

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