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Catalysis in application: [proceedings of the International Symposium on Applied Catalysis to be held at the University of Glasgow on 16-18 July 2003]

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Boron Chemistry–4. Plenary and Session Lectures Presented at the Fourth International Meeting on Boron Chemistry, Salt Lake City and Snowbird, Utah, USA, 9–13 July 1979

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Several tailor-made systems have been developed which have a wide appeal and are easily configurable to particular needs. Automatic chemistry draws on a whole range of disciplines. Therefore the student of automation, or the systems designer, must be willing to use technology developed for achievements in one sector and to apply it to another area, which is often only loosely related to the first. There are therefore problems of education, communication and specification to consider. The area upon which automatic chemistry impinges is vast and it is therefore impossible to provide comprehensive coverage in this Chapter.

At the end of the course each of these three groups made a formal presentation. The actual approach taken to solve the problem was then presented, and this is described in Chapter 3. The various approaches were then discussed and contrasted by the lecturers and course members. This problem and the surrounding discussion served to illustrate the various philosophies and principles outlined by the course staff throughout the course The response to this course was particularly enthusiastic, and whilst there are undoubtedly improvements and modifications that could usefully be made in any future venture, the success of the course proved that the basic formula was correct, and, above all, that this type of course is needed in the UK and, no doubt, elsewhere.

Whereas in clinical chemistry the matrix is usually blood or urine, in the industrial area there are many varied matrices. The volume of sales for any matrix is often insufficient to justify the development investment required. An alternative philosophy is needed to meet the requirements economically. The Mettler range of automatic instruments provides one example of a systematic approach to automate a range of analysers. More recently the Zymark Corporation (Zymark Center, Hopkinton, Massachusetts, USA), in the introduction of its Benchmate products, has defined procedures which can be tailored to individual laboratory needs by using essentially similar modules.

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