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By D.B. Roodyn (Eds.)

Within the face of speedy advancements in computerized thoughts, this booklet provides a great advisor to offer developments. It presents info on: ideas and terminology of enzyme automation; automated equipment illustrated by way of the Technicon approach; semi-automatic equipment; interrupted-flow and discrete-sampling structures; single-enzyme research; multiple-enzyme research (M.E.A.); enzyme characterization; calculation of enzyme actions from device readings; generalized platforms for enzyme automation; Appendices I. released automatic enzyme assays, II. Terminology utilized in enzyme automation, III. gear utilized in enzyme automation, IV. laptop application for generalized enzyme automatic approach.

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I am not aware of any fully-automated methods based on radioassay. ) There is now a considerable literature on the separation of enzymes by various forms of electrophoresis, for example on gels or cellulose acetate strips. These studies are of particular importance in the study of isoenzymes. Usually the enzymes are detected qualitatively by treatment with a reaction mixture or dye that gives a coloured or UV-absorbing product, but quantitative methods may be used. As an example, Opher et al. (1966) studied the isoenzymes of serum lactate dehydrogenase by strip electrophoresis.

As with much current equipment, the Technicon system is based on the use of ‘modules’. Instead of purchasing a single complex instrument that is specifically designed for the required purpose, one can purchase sub-systems which may be assembled in various combinations to suit individual needs. Also, other equipment may be combined with one or more of the modules. The Technicon modules that are generally used for enzyme assays are as follows: 35 Subjecr index P. 1. Proportioning pump A series of plastic tubes are clamped against a flat surface by means of two end blocks and are compressed by rotating metal bars.

It should be stressed that the above example, although dealing specifically with the Technicon system, is applicable to all automated systems, whether the reagents are mixed by proportioning pumps, individual pumps, automatic pipettes or other devices. It is still necessary to set the instrument in such a way as to deliver required volumes from different reagent bottles and unless the device exactly copies manual methods the above treatment is required. Subiecr index P. 3. The sampling process The sampling process is fundamental to all automatic assay systems.

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