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He's thought of the daddy of recent astrology: Alan Leo spread out the secrets and techniques of divination by way of the celebs to most of the people within the early twentieth century with a well-liked line of astrology manuals that trigger a craze for horoscopes that keeps to this present day. right here, during this reproduction of the 1910 fourth version of his crucial primer, Leo teaches us. . the fundamentals of astronomy required for an figuring out of astrology . the character and personality of the twelve indicators of the Zodiac . entire breakdowns of the have an effect on of the sunlight and the Moon on every one residence . what a horoscope is and the way to solid one . and extra. additionally FROM COSIMO: Leo's the most important on your personal Nativity, Symbolism and Astrology: An creation to Esoteric Astrology, Horary Astrology, and Mars: The warfare Lord British astrologer WILLIAM FREDERICK ALLAN (1860-1917), aka Alan Leo, released Astrologer's journal in addition to a line of astrological fabrics; he based the Astrological inn of the Theosophical Society in 1915.

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The passional nature is keen and ardent, all the feelings coming direct from the heart. When undeveloped, the characteristics are pride, arrogance and extreme passion . ,l In dealing with VIRGO, the sixth sign of the zodiac, we first note that it is a negative, earthy, mutable sign, governing the objective mind . It is the central sign of the earthy triplicity, and, in common with the earthy signs, it governs the practical and solid side of formative life. It is a sign conferring upon its subjects industry, and the ability to follow many different pursuits, having great adaptability to circumstance and environment .

C SAGITTARIUS is the ninth sign of the zodiac . It is a mutable 6o ASTROLOGY FOR ALL. THE TWELVE SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC . fiery, positive sign . In common with all the mutable signs, two natures also given the gems* for each month of the year, and the ruling planet of are often expressed, and those under these influences are impressionable, and very sensitive through the emotions . This sign is half human and each sign :Name of the sign. half animal, the first half tending to religion and the higher emotions, while the latter half inclines to sports and external pleasures .

He works with another person in nearly all undertakings ; and without necessarily being irresolute depends largely upon someone else, and can get along best in almost all things when associated with someone . The same may be said of the occupation, for this position tends strongly to partnership, not merely in business, but in almost all affairs of life . in m . THE MOON IN SCORPIO . D in nt . This lunar position makes those born under it very firm and determined, self-reliant and assured, well able to stand alone and fight their own battles.

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