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By Bethany Hamilton

Honest, occasionally gut-wrenching questions from Bethany Hamilton's fan mail ---paired with inspirational Bible verses and Bethany's personal solutions ---will retain women a while 8 to 12 turning the pages of this ebook.

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What made you write it? A. So many people wanted to hear about my story that I (with a lot of help from friends and family and a writer) decided to write it all down. I really wanted to tell everyone what God had done for me and how he cares for me—that my faith in him got me through and gave me courage. And above all, I wanted to tell them that Jesus loves everyone. Q. How long does it take to read your book? A. It really depends on how fast you read, I guess. Some adults have read it in two hours.

Other people brought beach towels to try and keep me warm. Jeff Walba donated his surf leash to use as a better tourniquet on my arm, and he called my mom. Q. Did the shark wreck your surfboard? A. Yes. The shark took a huge bite out of my board. Q. Was your dad mad that your surfboard got wrecked? A. No. He didn’t care about my surfboard. He was mad at the shark for hurting me. Q. What happened to the surfboard from the attack? A. We’ve used it in a lot of photo shoots to give people an idea of how big a bite the shark took.

A. I usually let my hair air dry the natural way. But if I’m in a big hurry and have to get somewhere fast and look my best, someone else (like my mom or a friend) will blow-dry it for me. I can do it myself, but it looks better if I have a little help. Usually I let it air dry because it is warm here in Hawaii, and wet hair keeps you cool! Q. Can you cut your own food up or does somebody have to do that for you? A. I can cut my own food. I learned how to do that too. One gift that I received was a knife-fork combo that is pretty fun to use!

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