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Les enfants peuvent-ils parler des sentiments et des valeurs d? ?s l'? ?ge de 2 ans ? Bien s? »r ! Mais qu'est-ce qu'un sentiment, une valeur, une valeur morale ? Qu'est-ce que l'empathie ? L'auteur nous invite ?  r? ©fl? ©chir tout en donnant des conseils pratiques sur l. a. fa? §on de d? ©velopper un jugement s?

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Sentiment” has more or less been a philosophical term of art, yet it has a rich history. As a theory of value, sentimentalism has its roots in the Hume/Smith tradition, according to which value “depends on some internal sense or feeling which nature has made universal in the species” (Hume 1740/1975, 172). Now Hume’s way of putting it makes it sound as if sentiments are just emotions, but they are perhaps more accurately thought of as dispositions to various bouts of emotion. I will generally ignore this distinction, often talking about sentiments as if they were simply subsets of human emotions.

That’s because, while he thinks quality of will is necessary for accountability, it may not be sufficient (he remains agnostic on this point). , McKenna 2012, 61. 12 introduction 2012, 59; emphasis mine), but it may not necessarily be found in any of these, given that they could each be morally innocuous. 12 Call this version, then, a Pure Quality of Regard view. So how would this view theoretically explain and unify Type 1 and Type 2 pleas? The story is structurally similar to the one told on the Pure Quality of Judgment view.

But there will be some reason to worry about this result, given that those with high-functioning autism—who many have thought are accountable—also seem to lack empathy. I will thus explore in greater detail the nature of empathy and how its different types are relevant to accountability. The surprising, albeit quite tentative, verdict of the tripartite theory is that both psychopaths and those with high-functioning autism may indeed not be accountable, albeit in virtue of different empathic impairments, and I think this result will be intuitively plausible once we have laid bare the relevant empirical details.

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