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By Benjamin O. Bibb, Joseph J. Weed

This ebook will let you know how-for you do be able to heal. immediately you'll no bear in mind that you've the it, yet you do.this present of god is a part of the birthright of each guy and ladies.

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Finally, flood the entire affected area with white healing energy, green energy to speed the growth of the new skin, and light blue energy to soothe and remove all pain. Before leaving, instruct the subject's inner mind to repeat the entire process every six hours until the external physical condition is back to normal. Sometimes, when the subject has carbuncles or cysts as a result of infection, it may be advisable to mentally lift out these growths with your fingers before moving to stage 3 in the foregoing healing procedure.

In this case you suggest that they be wrapped in elastic gold thread. 6. Now you see the lungs completely healed and in perfect working order before you withdraw your attention from the patient. A healer with this right attitude is Edith Jacques of Juno, Florida. Here is her firsthand account of how she gave quick and lasting relief to an emphysema sufferer: Last summer I visited a friend in Massachusetts who lives with her mother. 's mother is completely active, but suffers from emphysema. She explained that at times this created quite a problem, but at other times there was but little discomfort.

Mentally, I took a small golden sponge and gently brushed down the lung, throat and nasal passages. Next I used a mental fluid to coat the brushed areas, to keep them from becoming sticky and dry. I used white gold energy for healing and soft pink energy for peace and calm. Almost immediately little Brenda's breathing became easier, but 1 had more to do, for then I remembered that the mucus in the lungs had to be eliminated. The only way that I could see to discharge it was to induce her to vomit.

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