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By P. R. Masani (auth.), Chandrajit L. Bajaj (eds.)

Algebraic Geometry and its Applications could be of curiosity not just to mathematicians but additionally to laptop scientists engaged on visualization and comparable issues. The e-book is predicated on 32 invited papers provided at a convention in honor of Shreeram Abhyankar's sixtieth birthday, which used to be held in June 1990 at Purdue collage and attended by means of many popular mathematicians (field medalists), desktop scientists and engineers. The keynote paper is by way of G. Birkhoff; different members comprise such major names in algebraic geometry as R. Hartshorne, J. Heintz, J.I. Igusa, D. Lazard, D. Mumford, and J.-P. Serre.

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To examine the points of this sextic with x = 00, by looking at the highest degree terms of ¢', we find these to be the triple point (x, y, 1) = (0,1,0) where the curve has a higher cusp of index 4, and the double point (x, y, 1) = (1,0,0) where the curve has a node. So the three Square-root Parametrization of Plane Curves 35 singularities (x, y, 1) = (0,0,1), (0,1,0), (1,0,0) account for 4 + 3 + 1 = 8 double points of the sextic, thus verifying that its genus is (6-1)2(6-2) 8 = 2. To square-root parametrize this sextic, we consider its cubic adjoints.

4 An alternative proof of this was recently communicated to me by Serre in his letter, dated 30 April 1991, which with his kind permission is being included in these Proceedings; see [8]. Square-root Parametrization of Plane Curves 21 geometry, and so on. At any rate, I enormously enjoyed working on this project which was a cliff-hanger to the end because I did not know whether the polynomial would factor or not. The deep concentration reached while doing it seemed to give a semblance of "savikalpa samadhi" .

In other words, starting with (25') which defines T, substitute in (6') the value of y obtained from (25') and then clear the denominator and open the parenthesis and so on, as is high-school. This will simply reproduce the RHS of (24') equated to zero with (A, B, X) = (1, T, x), and now dividing out by x 8 we would get (26'). 14That is, a curve of degree nine. Square-root Parametrization of Plane Curves 39 To explicitly bring out the square-root aspect of this parametrization, first by letting (31') P = E~ with E = T3 + 6T 2 + 3T + 4 = (T + 2)(T + 5)(T + 6) we get p2 (32') = 6T 3P + 6EL with L = T3 + 2T2 + 5T + 3 = (T+2)(T+3)(T+4) and then by letting S* (33') = P+4T 3 and D* = 2T6 - EL = T6 + 6T 5 + T4 + 6T3 + T2 + 6T + 2 we get (34') S*2 = D* with D* = 2 + T(T + 2)(T + 3)(T + 4)(T + 5)(T + 6).

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