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By George R. Kempf (auth.), Enrique Ramírez de Arellano (eds.)

From the contents:G.R. Kempf: The addition theorem for summary Theta functions.- L. Brambila: life of convinced common extensions.- A. Del Centina, S. Recillas: On a estate of the Kummer type and a relation among moduli areas of curves.- C. Gomez-Mont: On closed leaves of holomorphic foliations by way of curves (38 pp.).- G.R. Kempf: Fay's trisecant formula.- D. Mond, R. Pelikaan: becoming beliefs and a number of issues of analytic mappings (55 pp.).- F.O. Schreyer: sure Weierstrass issues occurr at such a lot as soon as on a curve.- R. Smith, H. Tapia-Recillas: The Gauss map on subvarieties of Jacobians of curves with gd2's.

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4, by the inducing ~(E) ~2-{0} x ~k+l_ in embedding - planes : Harris of followed and {0} a. 1 F o r the e m b e d d e d following Hi on p o l y n o m i a l s (" " : X0 Yi : "'" : XI 1Y' : " ~pk + ~(8(_ak+l)) of ~2 - { 0 } x E k + l -{0} " out image L2 . a. 1 Sections .... '~ k+l : ~ I the c o r r e s p o n d i n g Sa 1 . . ) " of the ,ak+ 1 which Sa I .... 1 Sa I ..... +ak+ 1 =n-k PrOjpeSa Sai(Sal ..... ak+l into an h y p e r p l a n e ~ ~pn) behaves as 1 in: Saj Sa. ~+l(X0 : X1) P ~ planes + (k-l) planes.

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That d and effective we will refer to [K ]. ) used be a smooth, moduli is r a t i o n a l l y divisors, X X. case. e intersection is t h e P r y m v a r i e t y Other i. H. ] that W g _ I ( C ) N (W~_I(C) and of ~ure dimension g - 2. 2. and W _l(C) Wc_l(C) are generically + ~ transversal. In p a r t i c u l a r = w _l(C). (W~_l(C) + ~) iS r e d u c e d . Proof. 3) point at tancent and D and E' ~g_l(E') su/ne t h a t Sup differential (~) = D + E' On X act = T x ( ~ - I(C) be positive = x + o, an abelian D A S u p E' which 3 which = ~.

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