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Using standard rules for differentiation of distributions (see [20]) from (5) we obtain ◦ the following weak form of BVP (3), (4): find u ∈W21(Ω) such that ◦ ∀ v ∈W21(Ω) , a(u, v) = f, v , (6) where 2 2 a(u, v) = aij Ω i,j=1 ∂u ∂u ∂v ∂v + bi v−u ∂xj ∂xi i=1 ∂xi ∂xi + + cuv dx (7) kuv dΣ . Σ The following assertion is an immediate consequence of the Lax–Milgram lemma [14] and the imbedding W21 (Ω) ⊂ L2 (Σ). Lemma 1. Let the following assumptions f ∈ W2−1 (Ω), aij , bi , c ∈ L∞ (Ω), 2 aij = aji , c ≥ 0, k ≥ 0, 2 aij (x) zi zj ≥ c0 i,j=1 k ∈ L∞ (Σ), zi2 , c0 = const > 0, ∀ z = (z1 , z2 ) ∈ R2 , a.

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On the construction and comparison of difference schemes, SIAM J. Num. Anal. 5 (1968) 506-517. 11. Swayne, D. A. Time dependent boundary and interior forcing in locally onedimensional schemes, SIAM Journal on Scientific and Statistical Computing 8, (1987) 755-767. 12. Yanenko, N. N. The method of fractional steps, Springer, Berlin, (1971). Finite Difference Approximation of an Elliptic Interface Problem with Variable Coefficients Boˇsko S. Jovanovi´c1 and Lubin G. yu 2 University of Rousse, Department of Mathematics, Studentska str.

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