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By Lon Milo DuQuette

The dawning 20th century isn't large enough for eccentric genius Aleister Crowley. he's an acclaimed poet, chess grasp, world-class mountaineer, and possibly the main passionately liberated guy in Victorian London. His genuine devotion, despite the fact that, is magic...and the hunt for his personal soul.

An notorious fourteenth century Arabic booklet of magic survives the centuries to spawn the formation of a hidden society of magicians in London. The Order is led by means of occult pupil MacGregor Mathers and his spouse Moina, who declare to be involved with mystery masters that supply them ever-increasing magical wisdom and gear. For a number of years the Order grows, drawing on new participants from the giants of British trade, paintings, and literature.

Suddenly, on the top of the Order's impression, MacGregor and Moina seem to lose touch with the key masters. They stream to Paris and forget about the Order's plea for extra teachings and better initiations. The London hotel threatens to sever ties with them and make magical touch with the key masters themselves. 5 very recognized participants lead the revolt:

*the poet William Butler Yeats
*the playwright Maude Gonne
*Bram Stoker, writer of Dracula
*Florence Farr, the main acclaimed actress of her day
*and one of many wealthiest girls on the earth, tea heiress Annie Horniman.

Crowley naively joins the Order before everything of the rebellion. Blinded through his severe non secular aspirations, he isn't in simple terms drawn into the clash, yet unwittingly turns into the catalyst that brings approximately their destruction.

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He stands aside to let Mathers and Moina see the contents of the cabinet. At first there is nothing but darkness. Then four tiny flames appear and grow from what appear to be four candles inside the cabinet. The open doors transform the cabinet into a shrine. The four candles flank what appears to be the Book of the Sacred Magick of Abramelin the Mage. It is closed and lies flat on its back. It is a large brown leather-and-wood tome not unlike a thousand others of its provenance. On closer inspection this scene is an illusion created by a mirror at the back of the cabinet.

Keeping his now-flaming wand at eye level, Abraham quickly turns to the third demon and draws another star. ” The third demon giggles obscenely. It has webbed hands, and uses them to deflect Abraham’s magick. Abraham now turns to the fourth and most hideous spirit. Its head is that of a prehistoric bull but it has the eyes and mandibles of an enormous insect. Abraham struggles to draw a Pentagram in its face. ” The demon makes no sound, but stomps its deformed hoof upon the sand, causing a violent earthquake that sends Abraham to his knees.

Pouts a bit. “Now you’re mocking me. What are you doing? ” “Yes. Black Magick Yoga. ” Mrs. H. coughs out the words in another cloud of opium smoke. ” she giggle-coughs. She puts down her pipe, gets up from the bed. She walks slowly over to where Crowley is seated. She opens the cape wide and straddles his lap, facing him. They create a comic version of the classic Hindu erotic statues of Shiva and Shakti making love in the seated posture. She playfully sings an old music-hall ditty: “Where did you get that hat?

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