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By Michela Pereira (auth.), Piyo Rattansi, Antonio Clericuzio (eds.)

The current quantity owes its ongm to a Colloquium on "Alchemy and Chemistry within the 16th and 17th Centuries", held on the Warburg Institute on twenty sixth and twenty seventh July 1989. The Colloquium fascinated about a few chosen issues in the course of a heavily outlined chronological period: at the relation of alchemy and chemistry to drugs, philosophy, faith, and to the corpuscular philosophy, within the 16th and 17th centuries. The family among Medicina and alchemy within the Lullian treatises have been tested within the commencing paper by means of Michela Pereira, in line with researches on unpublished manuscript resources within the interval among the 14th and seventeenth centuries. it's a number of many years because the researches of R.F. Multhauf gave a well-liked function to Johannes de Rupescissa in linking drugs and alchemy during the proposal of a quinta essentia. Michela Pereira explores the importance of the Lullian culture during this improvement and attracts consciousness to the truth that the early Paracelsians had themselves well-known a family members resemblance among the works of Paracelsus and Roger Bacon's scientia experimentalis and, certainly, a continuity with the Lullian tradition.

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47 This particular development of the theory is linked to Paracelsus's tendency to regard the stars as the source of every efficacious action within the world of matter, with the result that his alchemical ideas are inextricably interwoven with his astrological notions - a theme that will be analyzed in greater detail later. 48 The analogy between pathological phenomena and those that occur in the alchemical laboratory is, however, a subject that is frequently encountered in Paracelsus's work. In Von den Farbsuchten, for example, the different colour changes produced in the skin by certain diseases are seen to be similar to those the alchemist observes in metals as they undergo transmutation.

Et si occulta manifestare sciveris, scies et manifesta occultare"; Artefii Clavis maioris sapientiae, TC 4, p. 207: "Ideoque accipimus de animali illud, quod non completur, et commendamus cucurbitae, et alembicis, ad distillandum, et distillamus primum aquam, cujus manifestum est albedo, ignis vero occultum est rubedo, deinde destillamus aerem, cujus manifestum est citrinitas, ejus vero occultum est viriditas, et remanet ignis in ipsa terra"; Albertus Magnus, De concordantia Philosophorum in lapide, TC 4, p.

Paracelsus, Siimtliche Werke. I. Abt. Medizinische, naturwissenschaftliche und philosphische Schriften. Hrsg. von K. Sudhoff. (Munich and Berlin 1922-23) (hereafter W I), vol. 2, p. 187: "also hie ist der balsam in terpentin aueh vermisehet. ein impression ist, sie zugewinnen und eolligiren, aber noeh ist die seheidung nieht do; das selbig lernt die drit seul der arznei, nemlieh die kunst alchimia, nicht die alehimei, die do gebraeht wird silber und golt zumaehen, dann aile lender vol solcher buben erfiilt sind, sonder die alchimia mein ich, die do lernt von einander seheiden ein ietlich mysterium in sein sonder reservaeulum".

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