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XII. Generalization . . . . References . . . . . . Forces” . . . . . . . 42 . . . 4 4 . . . 46 . . . 48 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 7 . . . so . 5 3 . 5 5 . . 57 . . 58 . . 61 . . 62 . 1. THE BASIC ENIGMA As has long been known, every derivation of the bulk properties of matter from its atomic properties by statistical methods encounters essential difficulties of principle. , equilibrium) the development does not take the form of a deductive science.

The basic difference between free fields and interacting fields would be of the same order as between a small (reversible) mechanical system and ergodic dissipative systems. But this means that physical states can no longer be associated with invariants of motion which no longer exist. This leads to deep changes in the structure of the theory. Al+A2 OUANTUM STATES AND DISSIPATIVE PKOCESSES 21 VI. KINETIC EQUATIONS: FEYNMAN DIAGRAMS AND CORRELATION DIAGRAMS Let us start the statistical theory with the voii Neumann equation for the density matrix dP i - = [ H , p] at In terms of p the average value of an observable 0 can be written (in occupation number representation) The time t as it appears in Eqs.

Instead of the decay of an atomic state we could imagine the decay of a resonance, say (19) p+lc+lc then the energy shift corresponds to a mass renormalization. Now the mass should be compatible with energy conservation in reaction (19). Is this the same mass? These questions are irrelevant for scattering which may be described in terms of asymptotic states corresponding to t + a. These asymptotic states are, by definition, stable-state solutions of some Schrodinger equation. N o spontaneous emission or decay process is permitted to go on asymptotically.

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