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content material: entrance hide; Advances in Carbohydrate Chemistry, quantity 1; Copyright web page; members to quantity I; Editors' Preface; Contents; bankruptcy 1. The Fischer Cyanohydrin Synthesis and the Configurations of Higher-carbon Sugars and Alcohols; bankruptcy 2. The Altrose workforce of drugs; bankruptcy three. Carbohydrate Orthoesters; bankruptcy four. Thio- and Seleno-Sugars; bankruptcy five. The Carbohydrate parts of the Cardiac Glycosides; bankruptcy 6. Metabolism of the Sugar Alcohols and Their Derivatives; bankruptcy 7. The Chemistry of the Nucleic Acids; bankruptcy eight. The Fractionation of Starch.

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They are the more accessible heptitols in each of these series and were prepared by Fischer. No mannooctitol configuration can be identical with any galaoctitol configuration. I n the case of nonitols, one mannononitol solely (D-manno-L-gala-nonitol) can be identical with a galanonitol (D-gala-D-manno-nonitol), the configuration of this nonitol being H H O H O H H H OH HOHZC * C . C . C . C * C * C . C * CHzOH. OHOHH H OHOHH One observes that it lies in the more accessible course in both the Dmannose and D-galactose series; indeed, its parent octoses are known (D-manno-L-manno-octose and n-gala-L-gala-octose) and its preparation from the two series seems feasible.

C . C * C . C . C - H OHOHH OHH C * CHzOH D-GHla-L-ldO-OCtltO~ * C . tation can act as a guide in enabling the investigator to choose the path that leads to a final proof by one of Fischer’s conclusive methods. XI. IMPROVEMENTS IN THE DETAILS OF THE FISCHER CYANOHYDRIN SUGARSAND IN THE SYNTHESISOF HIGHER-CARBON IDENTIFICATION OF THE PRODUCTS 1. T h e Conversion of Aldonic Phenylhydrazides to Lactones The conversion of aldonic phenylhydrazides to acids was carried out in the earlier researches by boiling with solutions of barium hydroxide.

60, 1633 (1927). r‘Untersuchungen. I1 (1922),” 69 E. , 45, 3761 (1912). 67 680. p. 1 20 C. S. HUDSON possible to assign established full configurations to the “rhamnohexoses” of Fischer (P. - 7). I “a-Rharnnohexose” HIC * O H O H H H OH C . C . C * C C CHO H H OHOHH ~-Manno-~-gala-7-desoxyheptose - - O H O H H H OH . C C . C C CHIOH tManno-~-gala-7-clcsoxyH H OHOHH heptitol “a-Rharnnohexital” HIC C “&Rhamnohexose” HaC - OHOHH H H C . C C . C ~-Manno-~-talo-7-de~oxyheptose OHOHH H H . C * C * C * C .

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