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By Andrea H. Caesar

While she moved to Barrington, Rhode Island, Andrea Caesar used to be an lively, chuffed, vivacious ten-year-old who enjoyed to play kickball and grasp from the monkey bars. A yr later, Andrea had difficulty catching her breath whereas operating, used to be laid low with migraines, and battled consistent muscle aches. Andrea had replaced as somebody; she used to be the child who used to be constantly lacking tuition. even supposing she didn't are aware of it on the time, she had shrunk Borrelia burgdorferi, higher referred to as Lyme disease.

Caesar, who was once eventually clinically determined at age thirty-six, stocks a uncooked and sincere glance contained in the brain of a lady affected by therapy in her pursuit of wellbeing. She chronicles her existence from age 11 via her analysis and next remedy, recalling her feelings as she struggled with Lyme, its indicators, and a number of comparable infections—all whereas trying to stay a regular lifestyles. pushed through her choice to aid others with a similar sickness, Caesar offers information on what labored, what didn't paintings, and why.

A Twist of Lyme stocks the eye-catching, heart-wrenching tale of a woman’s decades-long conflict with Lyme illness as she is led by means of perseverance, braveness, and wish to an eventual analysis and remedy.

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