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By J R Hanson; G Britton; Chemical Society.; et al

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3 1 1 M. Elliott, N. F. Janes, D. A. Pulman, and D. M. , 1978, 9, 105. For an investigation of insecticidal activity, see M. Elliott, A. W. Farnham, N. F. Janes, and D. M. , 1978, 9, 112. -I. Aketa, N. Ohno, N. Itaya, I. Nakayama, and H. Yoshioka, Agric. and Biol. Chem. (Japan), 1978,42,895. 3 1 3 I. Nakatsuka, F. Shono, and A. Yoshitake, J. Labelled Compounds, 1977, 13, 561. 314 T. Unai and J. E. Casida, J. Agric. , 1977,25, 979. "' F. Sugawara, T. Sugiyama, A. Kobayashi, and K. Yamashita, Agric.

Camphor to born-2-ene) has been improved by the use of titanium Reductive deoxygenation of tosylhydrazones [ e . g . pulegone (21)] may also be accomplished (cf. Vol. 6, p. 9; Vol. 7, p. g. P-pinene, (4R)-(-)-(18), citronellyl methyl ether] results from ene reaction with TsN=S=O followed by retro-ene reaction after deuterium exchange of the derived acidic NH proton (cf. Vol. 7, p. 216The susceptibility of fenchone to hydride transfer without accompanying carbanion addition has been used in dehydrogenative aromatization (by deprotonation-hydride elimination) with fenchone and a catalytic amount of potassium fencholate; olefin formation is only possible with appreciably acidic C H A number of papers report enolate alkylation and related procedures.

8, p. g. Vol. 8, p. g. the borneols, 182b geranio1'82c) in high to essentially quantitative yields (cfiVol. 8, p. 10). g. '~~The oxidation of monoterpenoid allylic alcohols using 2,3-dichloro5,6-dicyano- 1,4-benzoquinone has been d e ~ c r i b e d . 'The ~ ~ failure to oxidize unsaturated silyl ethers with N-bromosuccinimide contrasts with results (Vol. 7, p. g. g. 188Allylic methyl oxidation of acetals and tetrahydropyranyl ethers using S e 0 2in pyridine has been L. E. Overman, C. B. Campbell, and F.

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