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By Robert H. Ellison

The most recent installment in Brills a brand new heritage of the Sermon sequence deals leading edge stories of sacred rhetoric within the 19th century. the 3 sectionsTheory and Theology, Sermon and Society within the British Empire, and Sermon and Society in Americacontain a complete of 16 essays on such themes as biblical feedback, Charles Darwin, the Oxford circulation, the Womans Christian Temperance Union (WCTU), English Catholicism, sermon-novels, and the slave alternate on each side of the Atlantic. a number of traditions are represented, together with the Anglican and Presbyterian church buildings, English nonconformity, Judaism, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, making this a compilation that might entice quite a lot of preachers, historians, literary students, and scholars of the rhetorical tradition.Contributors are Miriam Elizabeth Burstein, Thomas J. Carmody, sunrise Coleman, Robert H. Ellison, Joseph Evans, Keith A. Francis, Brian Jackson, Dorothy Lander, Thomas H. Olbricht, Carol Poster, Mirela Saim, Jessica Sheetz-Nguyen, Bob Tennant, David M. Timmerman, Tamara S. Wagner, and John Wolffe.

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Pusey – along with Benjamin Harrison, Henry Edward Manning, and Isaac Williams. 10 The Tractarians’ Homiletic Theory I begin with the theory of sacred rhetoric, specifically the nature of the sermon. Scholars in fields ranging from history and English to communication and sociolinguistics have produced a large body of scholarship on the analysis and classification of rhetorical texts,11 along with helpful descriptive comparisons between sermons and such related genres as homilies;12 commentaries and treatises;13 catechetical 8 Herring, Oxford Movement, pp.

235. 21 Ibid. 22 The Tractarians appear to have had a particular distaste for using the sermon as a vehicle for political commentary. 27 The Tractarians sought to minimize discussions of potentially divisive issues because any controversy they provoked could detract from the raison d’etre of the sermon: the preacher’s appeals for his people to live more fully Christian lives. The difference between sermons and other forms of religious expression can be summed up in the phrase “to convince and to persuade”, an idea which dates back to at least Augustine’s De Doctrina Christiana28 and appears in the writings of 22 Edward Bouverie Pusey, “Preface,” in A Course of Sermons on Solemn Subjects Chiefly Bearing on Repentance and Amendment of Life, Preached in St.

10; Wilfrid Ward, Ten Personal Studies (London, 1908), p. 251; David Newsome, The Parting of Friends: The Wilberforces and Henry Manning (Grand Rapids, MI, 1966), p. 88; Edwards, History of Preaching, p. 607; Ian Ker, The Achievement of John Henry Newman (Notre Dame, IN, 1990), p. 46; David Nicholls and Fergus Kerr, “Introduction,” in John Henry Newman: Reason, Rhetoric and Romanticism, ed. David Nicholls and Fergus Kerr (Carbondale, IL, 1991), p. 3. 119 the tractarians’ sermons and other speeches 33 Pusey’s addresses also include several sermons on the nature of faith, as well as discussions of justification, prophecy, apostolic tradition, the day of judgement, and science and religion.

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