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So these modern therapies are yet more hypnotic attempts to get us to submit to what looks like caring help, but in actuality is intrusive and potentially traumatic and dangerous to our whole lives. As we become wiser, as older people, we realise ever more that many things are better left unsaid, and thus we see that men’s stoicism and reticence in speech is in many cases a logical and wise behaviour. A Men’s Liberation Guide to Women 52 Men do not need to learn to express their feelings to groups of strangers or even individual therapists, who they will find generally are ultimately incapable of helping them.

If a man doesn’t do those other things, he becomes a dull uninteresting, underdeveloped, lazy, sex-crazed creature. Not anyone who is really of great value to himself or his woman or children, or the world in general. And secondly, because by filling the atmosphere with sexual signals, bombarding men with teases, his sexual nature is being stimulated to a point where he is going to do something destructive with it, which he would probably rather not, and his woman and women in general will probably regret.

What better opportunity to do that than by having the free time on her hands, which due to modern technology such as washing machines, microwave ovens and vacuum cleaners, she has in abundance as a “housewife” or “homemaker”? Especially when her children become of school age. In the Suzuki method of music teaching, for example, the mother and child both learn the violin or piano or whatever together. Now how is a mother going to have the time and energy to do that with her daughter or son, and hold down a stressful, demanding busy career as a lawyer, accountant or even as a nurse?

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