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A Latin Grammar provides transparent, concise, and simply understood motives of all of the key issues of Latin grammar. With extra beneficial properties corresponding to a word list of grammatical phrases, a vocabulary checklist masking all of the Latin phrases present in the most textual content, examine counsel, and notes on Roman dates, funds, weights and measures, and names, it guarantees that scholars have the entire aid they should supplement their language studying. A Latin Grammar additionally bargains thousands of instance sentences illustrating grammatical issues, a proof of literary phrases, and a useful advisor to pronunciation. this convenient reference is helping scholars deliver this influential language to existence.

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Dat. acc. abl. m. qui (who, cuius which) cui quem quo f. quae cuius cui quam qua n. quod cuius cui quod quo ipsae ipsarum ipsls ipsas ipsls ipsa ipsorum ipsls ipsa ipsls Pronouns (continued) plural nom. gen. dat. acc. abl. m. qui quorum quibus quos quibus or quls f. quae quarum quibus qijas, quibus or quis n. quae quorum quibus quae quibus or quls quldam (a certain, a) declines like the relative pronoun with the suffix -dam: nom. quldam quaedam quoddam acc. quendam quandam quoddam etc. The interrogative pronoun quis?

It is used in expressions of time, place, and space (see pp. 71-5). • Note the ablative of description: puer longTs capillTs a boy with long hair puella maxima prudentia a girl of the greatest good sense Unlike the genitive of description (see p. 8), it can be used of visible and tangible qualities, as in the first example above. This usage is often called the ablative of quality. • the ablative of price: uTIIam magnopretioe ml. I bought the villa at a considerable price. Compare the genitive of value: hanc uTIIam maxim!

Acc. abl. ) patr-is patr-I patr-em patr-e plural nom. gen. dat. acc. abl. urb-es urb-ium urb-ibus urb-es (-Is) urb-ibus patr-es patr-um patr-ibus patr-es patr-ibus 4th declension stems in -u masc. neuter 5th declension stems in -e feminine singular nom. gen. dat. acc. abl. grad-us (step) grad-us grad-ul grad-um grad-u corn-u (horn, wing corn-us of an army) com-ul corn-u corn-u r-es (thing) r-el r-el r-em r-e plural nom. gen. dat. acc. abl. g. g. g. g. fil-T. g. nauta (sailor), agricola (farmer), scriba (clerk, secretary).

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