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The sequence builds an intensive selection of prime quality descriptions of languages worldwide. every one quantity bargains a entire grammatical description of a unmarried language including absolutely analyzed pattern texts and, if applicable, a glossary and different correct details that's on hand at the language in query. There aren't any regulations as to language kin or sector, and even though unique cognizance is paid to hitherto undescribed languages, new and useful remedies of higher recognized languages also are integrated. No theoretical version is imposed at the authors; the one criterion is a excessive common of clinical caliber.

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X. S. ) 1987. Literaturadin xrestomatija. 5-klass. 11-izdanie. Maxaikala: Daguipedgiz. [Chrestomathy of literature. 5th grade. 11th edition] D57: Gor'kij, Maksim. 1957. Dide. Maxaöqala: Dagustandin ktabrin izdatel'stvo. [The mother. Translated from Russian by Magomed M. Gadiiev] E56: Efendiev, Zijaudin. 1956. Jark'iiuwan ru§. Maxaikala: Dagknigoizdat. [The Jark'i girl] G54: Gad2iev (1954) (see bibliography) G57: Gadliev, Magomed M. 1957. Lezgi ö'alan grammatika. 2 lahaj paj. Sintaksis. Maxaikala: Daguipedgiz.

If there are two medial vowels in succession {JM - /a/ in Sexiz awa), the first vowel is dropped, even if this results in a three-consonant cluster, as in (39). (39) hdlt-iz awa > hdlt-zawa 'is meeting' However, in some varieties of the language, the /a/ has been syncopated in this environment. Forms like (40) are sometimes found in writing (especially in older texts). 2. Another alternation resulting from Post-tonic Vowel Syncope is that between -ar and -r in the plural (cf. ). In Uslar (1896), the /a/ is still present in these cases.

194 Download Date | 9/17/13 4:46 PM 22 2. Lezgian and its speakers (Mejlanova 1964:270) Axceh dialect standard tf al 3 w al tswal (cwal) ts'weh (c'weh) w (zwal) z w al tf'weh 'seam' 'boiling' 'whey' According to Mejlanova (1964:387-389), the Fij dialect also has a series of special dento-labialized obstruents (of the type that is found in Tabasaran and Abkhaz). The voiced velar fricative /γ/ occurs in the Jark'i dialect, and the uvular voiced stop /G/ occurs in the Güne dialect. Jark'i dialect standard Yam gam zwal gel Y w al Yael (gam) (zwal) (gel) Güne dialect standard Gatf un Gutshar qatf un Kutshar 'carpef 'boiling' 'trace' (Mejlanova 1970:38) (qa tun) (gucar) h h (Mejlanova 1964:68) 'take' 'god' Some of the consonantal alternations (cf.

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