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The sequence builds an intensive number of prime quality descriptions of languages around the globe. every one quantity bargains a complete grammatical description of a unmarried language including totally analyzed pattern texts and, if applicable, a glossary and different proper info that's on hand at the language in query. There are not any regulations as to language family members or zone, and even if specified awareness is paid to hitherto undescribed languages, new and helpful remedies of higher recognized languages also are integrated. No theoretical version is imposed at the authors; the single criterion is a excessive commonplace of medical caliber.

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Eige [aiga] = eie Own', hoge [fioaga] = hoe "high', oge [oaga] = oe 'eyes', rugge [roega] = rue backs'. 5. The consonant h [fi] Examples: had [fia:l] "hail', hond [fiont] 'dog*, hy [fiai] "he'. g. verlatenheid [fsrlaitansit] 'desolation', Waar werk hy? ', moetgedoen het [mut xs'dunet] 'must have done'. g. help [jdp] 'to help', hele [jeab] Svhole', Heunis [J0an9s] (a surname). 6. /a£ [joek] 'yoke'^y [jai] 'you'. In indigenous words7 represents a semi-vowel as does y in English. 7. The consonant k [k] Examples: kat [kat] 'cat', knie [kni] 'knee', lok [bk] 'to entice', plakker [plakar] 'sticker'.

1). In such cases stressing the stem preserves the literal meaning, as these examples illustrate. 2) The following endings occur in only one word, or in very few at the most (list not complete): agterdogtig 'suspicious', breedvoerig 'detailed', denkbeeldig 'imaginarV, eenparig 'unanimous', eiesinnig 'headstrong', gelyktydig 'simultaneous', gewelddadig Violent', hardlywig 'constipated', hardnekkig 'stubborn', kieskeurig 'choosy", kleinserig 'touchy5, koelbloedig 'cold-blooded', langdradig long-winded', langwerpig Oblong", lewenskragtig 'vigorous', medepligtig 'accessary', moedswillig 'petulant', noodlottig 'fatal', noodwendig 'necessary*, nuuskierig 'curious', onderhewig 'subject', oorbodig 'superfluous', rampspoedig 'catastrophic', selfsugtig 'selfish', seshoekig 'hexagonal', stelselmatig 'systematic', swartgallig 'melancholy', veelrassig 'multiracial', viervoetig 'four-footed', uroegtydig 'premature', vrygewig 'generous', wantrouig 'distrustful', wispelturig 'fickle'.

The AWS, as it is referred to in Afrikaans linguistic circles, states on page 11 that its three guiding principles are as follows: 1) the phonological system of Standard Afrikaans 2) the principle of congruency (gelykvormigheid) 3) tradition (which is another way of saying that certain principles of Dutch spelling are still observed, which was actually stated in the 7th edition but the wording has since been changed). 1. Alternative forms (wisselvorme) Because of the degree of arbitrariness inherent in the first principle, the AWS (p.

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