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By Walter E. Crum

Vital for college students of the Coptic Language. issues have occurred in view that its liberate even though, that you should are looking to mix with a few more recent lexica. Very thorough, yet with a distinct alphabetical process in accordance with the consonant roots of the phrases.

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All such lexemes In ST contaln the morph or ltS allomorph WhlCh follows below, In at least some contexts. I-I, lAB cl Allomorph of 2): IABI (short syllable duratlon) In the contexts and Ix ABI only. No contrastlve examples occur. Example of mlnor syntactlc cut: phil capa J • 'Older brother lntends to go. ' cut lS between Ical and IpaJ/. Last Example of sub-Iexemlc cut: JUu thina J . ' Last cut lS between them. Example of no cut: , ,.. syy mamualJ • 'Buy mangoes. ' The lexeme ImamualJI 'mango' lS unanalyzable.

E. ). To dlstlngulsh thlS type of classlflcatlon from the other, the term form-class lS used. a glven posltlon In a glven syntactlc constructlon, or whlch share a number of such posltlons. 2. 1. Prosodlc Morphemes Intonatlon and Loud-Stress Morphemes 1) /. / 'end of clause constructlon. I Example of contrast wlth / , /. kh00D khun-cid • khaw f~ag w~J . 'It belongs to Chlt. ' 38 Example of contrast of maJ Jaa~-nan t . I dlaw Iud 'Not that way! 1 wlth I t t I by ltself: t . ' maJ Jaa~-nan t dlaw Iud t .

2. Morphemes and Lexeme Constructlon Morphemes, belng the smallest meanlngful unlts of ST, sets of varlant forms called morphs. ~re actually It lS therefore necessary to deflne the latter term flrst. 1) A morph lS any morphophonemlc sequence (from one phoneme upwards In length) whlch has meanlng assoclated wlth It by ST speakers. 1 'Sure, lt worksJ' contalns rour morphs. 1) the morph Ideenl 'to walk, to functlon properly,' 2) the morph IJ :1 'contradlctory assertlon, ' 3) the morph / t/ 'emotlonal lnvolvement,' and 4) the morph I .

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