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By Levy, I.C., Ian Christopher Levy

The better half to John Wyclif includes 8 huge essays (2-3, phrases each one) which conceal all of the significant components of Wyclif's existence and suggestion. each one essay presents well timed examine that's completely grounded within the basic texts whereas utilising the latest secondary literature. Essays contain: lifestyles and occupation; common sense and metaphysics; Trinity and Christology; ecclesiology and politics; the Christian existence; sacraments; the Bible; his competitors. there isn't any related ebook to be had at the present time.

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27 Despite the difficulty in answering many of these questions, accusations must be viewed from both sides in order to make full sense 25 Courtenay, “Inquiry and Inquisition,” pp. 178–9: Moule, pp. 152–64. The case of Uthred of Bolden is unusual in that we know the identity of both accuser and accused; condemnations and censures issued in 1277, 1284, 1286, 1315, and 1366 all avoided specifying the identity of the author of the propositions, even in cases such as 1286 and 1366 when the condemning authority was the Archbishop of Canterbury acting outside of the university.

106 The cathedral was extremely crowded, which reinforces the impression that Wyclif was well-known by this time and that his trial was a cause célebre. According to Walsingham, Wyclif ’s party had to push through a large crowd to get inside, where the crowd was just a bad. 107 Courtenay also commented that had he known how Percy would behave, he would not have permitted Percy to enter the building. Gaunt replied that they would do as they pleased, regardless of what Courtenay wanted. When Wyclif ’s party reached the Lady Chapel where the hearing was to occur, Gaunt, Percy, and the assembled bishops were seated, and then Percy advised Wyclif to sit as well.

104 The events are described in St. Albans, pp. 80–85; and also in an English transcription of the same work, the “Transcript of a Chronicle in the Harleian Library of Mss No. 6217, entitled ‘A Historical Relation of certain passages about the end of King Edward the Third and of his Death’,” ed. Thomas Amyot, in Archaeologia 22 (1829), 204–84, at pp. 253–9; a rather different version of the events can be found in Walsingham’s Historia Anglicana, ed. T. Riley, (RS 28) (London, 1863–76), 1:235; an independent account of the incident can be found in the Anonimalle Chronicle, ed.

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