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A-10 Warthog КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Издательство: Squadron/Signal publicationsСерия: Mini 4Автор(ы): Ken NeubeckЯзык: EnglishГод издания: 1995Количество страниц: 52ISBN: 0-89747-335-3Формат: pdf (300 dpi) 1600x 2470Размер: 41.8 mbRapid 17

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F-80 Shooting Star Units Over Korea

The USAF's first profitable jet fighter, the F-80 really made a reputation for itself in wrestle as a strike bomber throughout the Korean conflict. A capturing big name additionally shot down the 1st MiG-15 misplaced through the crusade in what's believed to were the world's first ever jet-versus-jet engagement. learn during this quantity how the eighth and forty ninth Fighter Bomber Wings in Korea, F-80Cs accomplished an grand 98,515, wrestle sorties, shot down 37 airplane (including six MiG-15s), dropped 33,266 US a whole lot bombs and fired off 80,935 air-to-ground rockets.

Boeing B-52: A Documentary History

;Boeing B-52: A Documentary background ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ,ТЕХНИКА Название: Boeing B-52: A Documentary HistoryАвтор: Walter J. BoyneИздательство: Jane's Publishing CompanyISBN: 0710601220, 0531037347Год: 1982Страниц: 162Формат: PDF в RARРазмер: eighty one. 44МБЯзык: английскийConceived in 1948, first flown in 1952 and projected nonetheless to be in front-line provider within the twenty first century, the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress is among the such a lot notable plane in heritage.

Stuka Volume Two: Luftwaffe Ju 87 Dive-Bomber Units 1942-1945 (Luftwaffe Colours)

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Horten Ho 229 Spirit of Thuringia: The Horten All-Wing Jet Fighter

The Horten Ho 229, one of many Luftwaffe's mythical mystery initiatives or so-called 'wonder weapons', used to be the most enigmatic plane designs to emerge from global battle II. In many ways a precursor to the 'stealth' notion, it was once basically sooner than its time compared to its contemporaries. The Ho 229 was once deliberate because the first of the following new release of German jet warring parties to stick with on from the Messerschmitt Me262, to be able to create a high-speed cannon-equipped fighter-bomber and reconnaissance plane.

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