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The mark under the letter ç is called une cédille/cedilla. Some linguists say it is the lower part of the letter s and it tells you to pronounce ç as an s sound. Other linguists say that ç was borrowed from the Greek alphabet, which represents the sound of s when it is the last letter of a Greek word. The verb s’appeler/to call oneself, to be named contains a single l. When a verb form is stressed on the syllable containing one l, it doubles, as in je m’appelle . /I call myself . . , my name is .

Il est temps que it is time that; Il est temps que tu fasses tes devoirs tous les jours. il est urgent que it is urgent that; Il est urgent que le docteur vienne immédiatement. il faut que it is necessary that; Il faut que tu sois ici à neuf heures précises. il importe que it is important that; Il importe que tu me dises toute la vérité. il se peut que it may be that; Il se peut qu’elle soit sortie. il semble que it seems that, it appears that; Il semble que Madame Gervaise soit déjà partie. il suffit que it is enough that, it suffices that; Il suffit qu’il soit informé tout simplement.

Formation of the tenses 23 7_3554_02_Introduction 10/20/06 11:19 AM Page 24 Each compound tense is based on each simple tense. The fourteen tenses given on page 23 are arranged in a logical order, which is numerical. Here is how you form each of the seven compound tenses: Tense No. 8 is based on Tense No. 1 of avoir or être; in other words, you form the Passé composé by using the auxiliary avoir or être (whichever is appropriate) in the Présent de l’indicatif plus the past participle of the verb you have in mind.

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