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By Christoph J. Scriba, Peter Schreiber, Jana Schreiber

The current quantity offers a desirable evaluate of geometrical rules and perceptions from the earliest cultures to the mathematical and inventive strategies of the 20 th century. it's the English translation of the third version of the well-received German booklet “5000 Jahre Geometrie,” within which geometry is gifted as a series of advancements in cultural background and their interplay with structure, the visible arts, philosophy, technology and engineering.

Geometry originated within the old cultures alongside the Indus and Nile Rivers and in Mesopotamia, experiencing its first “Golden Age” in old Greece. encouraged by way of the Greek arithmetic, a brand new germ of geometry blossomed within the Islamic civilizations. during the Oriental impact on Spain, this information later unfold to Western Europe. the following, as a part of the medieval Quadrivium, the certainty of geometry was once deepened, resulting in a revival in the course of the Renaissance. including parallel achievements in India, China, Japan and the traditional American cultures, the eu methods shaped the information and branches of geometry we all know within the glossy age: coordinate tools, analytical geometry, descriptive and projective geometry within the seventeenth an 18th centuries, axiom structures, geometry as a concept with a number of constructions and geometry in machine sciences within the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Each bankruptcy of the booklet starts off with a desk of key historic and cultural dates and ends with a precis of crucial contents of geometry within the respective period. Compelling examples invite the reader to additional discover the issues of geometry in historical and smooth times.

The e-book will attract mathematicians attracted to Geometry and to all readers with an curiosity in cultural history.

From letters to the authors for the German language edition

I wish it will get a translation, as there isn't any related work.

Prof. J. Grattan-Guinness (Middlesex collage London)

"Five Thousand Years of Geometry" - i believe it's the such a lot good-looking publication i've got ever noticeable from Springer and the inclusion of such a lot of colour plates relatively improves its visual appeal dramatically!

Prof. J.W. Dauben (City college of recent York)

An very good e-book in each admire. The authors have effectively mixed the heritage of geometry with the final improvement of tradition and heritage. …

The picture layout is usually excellent.

Prof. Z. Nádenik (Czech Technical collage in Prague)


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The diagonals of a rectangle are equal and halve each other. 6. The peripheral angle in a semi-circle is a right one. 36 2 Geometry in the Greek-Hellenistic era and late Antiquity The theorem stated last, known as Thales’ theorem, has been passed on by the female historian Pamphile (1st century AD), as reported by Diogenes Laertius (3rd century). In order to express his gratitude for recognising this fundamental fact, Thales is said to have sacrificed an ox to honour the gods! As we already know from the paragraphs on pre-Greek mathematics, the line segment and/or the straight line and the circle (next to the point) belong to the oldest geometrical elements.

One long journey led him to Egypt, others to the Persian Empire and Scythia at the north coast of the Black Sea. 1 Ionian era 33 Illus. 2 World map with OT representation. Tip: North is on the left. The large surrounding circle represents the circularly drawn ocean; the horizontal crossbar of the T reflects the Nile on the right; the Bosporus and the access to the Black Sea on the left; the trunk of the T indicates the Mediterranean Sea. This OT form determined the design of maps of Earth within the European area until the Middle Ages (Concerning the tradition of Ptolemaic maps cf.

4. The diameter halves the circle. To compare, let us look at how, for instance, the first and third theorem are worded by Proclus: “May the old Thales be blessed, the discoverer of many other and especially these theorems! ” [Proclus/Morrow 1992, p. ]. 1 Ionian era 35 Illus. -W. Alten] “But Eudemus states in his ‘History of geometry’ that this theorem is to be accredited to Thales. ” [Proclus/Morrow 1992, p. 409]. We notice instantly that the theorems mostly refer to elementary symmetric ratios.

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