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Through JK Rowling's sequence of Harry Potter books and the 8 movies, we've got been brought to a phenomenal and magical international that i am certain many folks want to stopover at. yet what's the tale in the back of what we see and skim, and what are a few little-known proof in regards to the books, the movies, the actors and the characters? This e-book comprises one hundred and one notable evidence that you probably did not comprehend!

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The Most Amazing Facts Kings Cross Station actually has a plaque that says ‘Platform 9 3/4’! JK Rowling originally called the Death Eaters the ‘Knights of Walpurgis’! A priest named Father Gabriele Amorth said that reading Harry potter is Satanic and leads to evil. He was the Vatican’s Chief Exorcist! When JK Rowling took an online ‘sorting hat’ quiz, she was placed into Hufflepuff! Before people in England thought that witches and wizards flew on Broomsticks - like in Harry Potter - they actually thought they flew whilst sitting inside cauldrons!

JK Rowling’s birthday is on the same day as Harry’s. There are more differences than you might think between the American and British versions of the books. Not only was ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ changed to ‘Sorcerer’s Stone’, but English phrases such as ‘sneakers’, ‘jumper’ and ‘car park’ were changed to ‘trainers’, ‘sweater’ and ‘parking lot’. Joanna ‘JK’ Rowling does not actually have a middle name - the ‘K’ is taken from her grandmother’s name, Kathleen. The books have been translated into 67 languages - including Latin.

This book contains 101 amazing facts which you most likely didn’t know! We hope you enjoy reading this book as much as we enjoyed researching and writing it! Read on to find out about the scrapped musical version of the series, how the first book was almost made into a CGI feature, and some interesting differences between the films and the books... Daniel and Harry Daniel’s full name is Daniel Jacob Radcliffe. His father is a literary agent and his mother a casting agent. Daniel has said he wasn’t very good at school and found the work really difficult - although he did achieve three A grades!

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